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PLAYER: Chicklet
CONTACT: Aim: BardessOokami, Yahoo!: MLPBardess, Plurk: ChickletLarp


NAME: Eileanea Elizabeth Thompson
AGE: 18
GENDER: Female
APPEARANCE: Eli, or Leana, as he friends call her both, doesn't look that abnormal. She's on the tall side of average, but still shorter than most of the male friends she hangs out with, her blond hair is almost closer to brown, though she considers herself a blond, and falls just shy of her waist in back. She wears bangs in front that almost get into her large blue eyes, but never quite get long enough to really irritate her. She keeps them trimmed so that they don't. Pale skin that never seems to tan. Sunburn, oh yes, tan, of course not. She is on the slender side of average, not super skinny but not anywhere near heavyset, and while she might grumble occasionally about her figure, she is honest enough to admit that her friends are right when they say she doesn't have much cause. She will never be a supermodel, but she doesn't exactly look like a kid either. For her style of dress, usually either simple dresses that go past the knee, or long pants and a blouse. She doesn't usually do the denim-and-tee-shirt look, but she also rarely gets really dressy. Her hair is usually pulled partially back with a bow, ribbon, scrunchie, ponytail holder, or some other device into a ponytail or similar, with some locks hanging to either side of her face, loose and free in front.

PERSONALITY: Eli is the sort of girl who always wanted to change the world. But she's the change the world type the way so many high school seniors or would be college freshmen were, at least before her powers developed. She fell victim to the so-called demons of “it's not really cool”, “None of my friends are into it”, and worst of all “I'm just one person, it's not like I could make a difference anyhow”. So she did her part in small ways, recycling when it wasn't inconvenient, refusing to go to restaurants that used Styrofoam take out containers – unless all her friends really really wanted to go, and not littering. But that was about it. It always bugged her that she didn't do more, but never bugged her enough for her to take a stand.
Before her powers, Eli was happy to be a typical, average teen. She strove for typical. She tried not to stand out for good or for ill. She didn't take a stand against popular views, for the most part, and she didn't try to become popular. She drew the line, more or less at bullying. She refused to participate, but she also didn't step up to the line to stop it, she just walked off, and if her friends followed her, they followed her, if they didn't... something else would come up to end the friendship soon.
She studied enough to make decent grades, not enough to be labeled a nerd, she went to the mall with her friends and spent more than she could afford when money was tight, and less than she had when it was flush. She worked so hard to never incite envy or anger, to never stand out, and to never be a target for bullying herself. But it scraped at her. She could, mostly, ignore it.
Until her powers awoke.
Everything changed the morning that she woke up and found herself standing over her bed, staring down at her.
She was aware enough of the news to keep this to herself. She didn't look different, and she was sure that if she didn't tell anyone that she was a mutant, she could hide it. And she did manage that. But once the initial fear of discovery had passed, she started to realize that this was her chance to actually do all the things she wanted to do... without standing out. If she practiced... having another of her could only help? Right?
Practice proved to her that two was the least of her abilities. More on this in the powers and history sections. When she had more or less gotten a handle on her powers, she was using them to affect the changes she wanted, to actually DO something, without rocking the boat with her friends.
She sent her clones to the beach to collect bottles, cans, and other trash. She left one at home studying when she could, and when she merged with it, it was as if her own studying was paying off, her grades were improving without the sacrifice of mall time. The clone that picked up trash and recyclables also turned them in for deposit, so while she was never rich off of it, she had less times when she had to borrow from her parents to not seem strapped for cash in front of her friends.
And, eventually, she got into crime fighting and small scale hero work. She saved lives, and was brave, because she felt, in her folly, that she could not be killed. Her clones could do what others couldn't because she would not die. More on how wrong she is in powers and history.
Basically, now that she has her powers, she is scratching the itch of being a responsible person. She would have stayed that way, living a quadruple (or more at times) life, if not for one thing. High School Graduation. All of her friends are going to different places, and choosing to follow any one of them would cause strife between her and the others. So she applied for a college that none of them were applying for, though she did lie about which one. She sent her application to Xavier's Institute, and secretly wondered how to have friends without standing out in a place like that.
So basically, she will be all over the place, using her powers openly, since that is the norm, trying to make friends, and figure out what the status quo is there. She has hero potential, if she can grow out of the need to be part of a crowd.

She fears being alone more than anything else, even death. She wants desperately to have a place with a group, to have friends who love her. She has no urge to be the leader of any group, just a part of it. She considers herself fairly average, she doesn't think she's all that special, but she fears that she is actually a freak of some sort or other. She does not want to mocked or ridiculed; she does not want to be alone. And for the most part, she is willing to bury herself, to get what she wants. She has made of herself a follower, a sheep. She is brave in life or death situations – reckless, even, but she is a coward in social ones. There are some lines she has drawn, somethings she feels are so wrong that she will not do... but she does not try to stop others from doing them. She refuses to participate in bullying, but she does not stand up against it, she just leaves the room of her friends are bullying or hazing someone. She hates herself, on a fairly regular basis. She has self esteem issues, but then she's a teenaged mutant who never let anyone know she was one, who has been living a lie; a girl whose friends, the friends she has had for years... have all chosen to go their own way. Friends who haven't cared enough to make five minutes to talk to her since graduation. She has very little sense of self worth, which is probably why she is both reckless and timid. I am hoping that through the acceptance of her mutant ability, the lessons she will learn in and out of the class room, and just... growing up, that she will come to value herself, though I somewhat doubt it.

POWERS/ABILITIES: Eileanea has a clone ability that allows her to replicate herself several times over. She has never tried to make more than 6 copies of herself at once, and that was so exhausting that she has never tried to make six copies again. The copies are her, in the state she was in when she made them. So if she was healthy spun off a clone, then she got sick, the clone would be healthy, but if she were sick when she made the clone, the clone would have the sam exact illness, and even if she was healed the clone would not be unless it was healed itself. (So for a cold that just needs time to pass, baring all other variables, they would both heal more or less at the same time, but healing one does NOT heal the other)
Her focus on the clones defines everything. If she has 2 clones (her most common number) running, and she puts them on “autopilot” then she is, herself, about as distracted as someone might be talking to someone face to face, while texting someone else. It's not ideal, but it is do-able. In this case, the clones act more or less as she would, within the set instructions she gave them when she made them/the last time she focused on them. They tire the way she would tire, and if they don't eat or sleep they will fall from hunger or fatigue, just as she would. Even if she is not focused on the Clone, if they get badly hurt, she will be aware of it, feeling an echo of the pain, without taking the injury. The clones are not intrinsically aware/alerted if something happens to her, but she is if something happens to them. So sending them out to be heroes, is still an acto of bravery, because where the clone can die without killing her, she will feel some measure of their pain, and if she is directing the clone, focused on her, she will feel ALL of their pain. She will never develop their injuries, but she will still feel them. She has once felt what it was like to be burned alive. While she is still brave, and will still send a clone into a burning building to save lives, she is more cautious now, and will not send them in to save pointless things.
If she is moderately focused on a clone, then her attention is more divided. No matter HOW MANY clones are active at any time, she can only split her focus between herself and two clones. This is one of the reasons that two is her default number. At moderate focus, she can direct them, but it is like giving instructions to a robot, there is a gap between her thought and their action. They still have a measure of free will, but as they are, in essence, her, their will and hers are nearly always aligned. With moderate focus, she learns what the clone learns, as it learns it, or as well as you could when you're attention is split. A good analogy would be daydreaming in class. She still gets some of the information, but not as well as if she were paying more attention, were more focused. She feels the wounds and ailments more keenly when she is moderately focused on a clone.
Fully focused. When she is fully focused on a clone, she is paying 99% of her attention to that clone, and almost none to herself, and none at all to any of the other clones. When she is this fully focused, it is almost as if she were the clone. She feels what it feels, sharply, she has complete control and learns what it learns as if she were physically there herself. But if the clone is killed, she goes back to her own body, painfully so.
Information gathering – if she physically touches one of her clones, she can collect all the information that they learned while they were apart. So if she doesn't focus on a clone and sends it to school, she only absorbs the lesson if she touches the clone again and takes it back into herself. If the clone does before she can do this, she has lost whatever it learned.
Small cosmetic changes – At the time that she forms the clone, or if she focuses while she has direct physical contact with a clone, she can make small cosmetic changes to the appearance of the clone. It will always ALWAYS look like her, but she can style the hair, or color it, she can make small changes to the clothing – additions are easier than edits. So she was able to give one of her clones a superhero mask, but not turn a summer dress into an X-men style skin-suit. She can add or remove small amounts of makeup. The changes are all small. Anything she adds this way – like a mask – vanishes if she sets it down; if the clone is no longer touching it.
What she does not know about her own abilities – She died. When she started, she had not always been careful to hide who she was when there was no one she knew around. She stopped a mugger, without a mask. It wasn't a clone made to be a hero, it was the clone that made her realize she could be one. She stopped the man, but in the choice between chasing him down, and helping his victim who was bleeding on the ground, she stayed to help. Her full focus was on this clone, but even with that, the clone could not make another clone itself. She saved the man who had been stabbed, and stopped thinking about the mugger. He did not stop thinking about her. Nearly a week later, she had been home alone. The TV was on, but she wasn't watching. Her eyes were wide and blank, because she was focused on one of her clones, having it climb a rock wall at the gym, so she could practice for being a hero. (She did not, at that time, realize that having a clone build muscle memory and strength would not give that to her, intrinsically. Theoretically she could when she drew it back into herself, but that would not be as firm as knowledge, she would not get as much benefit from it as she would had she done the workout herself.) He had tracked her, found out who she was, and where she lived. The mugger had no clue she was a mutant, all he knew was that she had come between him and what he wanted, and he would kill her for it. He killed her, and at that moment, her mind snapped fully into the clone she was most focused on – the one on the wall. She fell off, feeling the pain of the death of her main body, and broke her arm. Disoriented, she couldn't quite remember why she had left a clone home alone, and went climbing herself, but that was what she believed had happened. She is a clone. As long as she has a clone out, if she dies, her mind, her soul, whatever, snaps into the clone she is closest to, focus wise. If she wasn't focusing on any, it goes based on physical proximity. She is unaware of this, and anyone forcing her to try and acknowledge that she is dead will, if they succeed, send her into a mental break down. (Well, unless they're someone like Xavier who would realize to tread with caution, if he broached it at all, and could follow her mental paths to head off the panic that will leave her catatonic.)
A small side effect of being a clone is that she can, if she focuses, make those small cosmetic changes to herself. She thinks this is just proof she is getting stronger. Her mind balks and makes excuses, rather than letting her realize what actually happened.
If she does with no clones out, she dies. Since she cannot mentally accept that she has died, that dying would swap her to a clone, she cannot create clones, would not create clones just to have a back up of herself. She keeps clones running generally as a matter of course, but if she is ill or injured, she rarely spins off new ones, because they are tiring to maintain, even without focus, and because they would be just as badly hurt or ill as she is, so she would have to deal with her pain and theirs. Also, since she “died” she can clone jump, she can decide where she wants to be and BE in that clone. Of course, the clones have to travel through mundane means, so while she can jump from self to self, she can't use that to get anywhere she normally could not have gotten to. A clone has to be there already. Also, given the general mind fuzz, when she does a jump, she does not seem to realize or accept that she is now living in a clone body. Somehow, mentally, she always believes that the body she is in at the moment is the real one, is the one she was born to, and any facts she knows will alter in her mind to make it work.

AU HISTORY: When Eli had been really little, her teeth were horribly oversized. She was teased about it in school, and eating was difficult. It was so bad that her parents, concerned, did not wait for the baby teeth to fall out on their own, they took her to a dentist. She hated that man, that office. He pulled the teeth and fit her for a braces like device that was meant to ensure that when her adult teeth grew in, that they would grow in straight. She had thought she had been teased before. It was nothing compared to showing up on the playground with that much metal in her mouth. She was young enough that no one else had braces, but most of the kids had older siblings who either teased kids with braces, or were teased for having braces, so the kids teased her. Bullying began, though the teachers and her parents never believed it.
When she was ten, her dad got a new job that required them to move. She begged and pleaded with them to have the braces removed before they left, and in the end they acquiesced, not because they cared about her vanity, but because they realized they wanted the same dentist who had been adjusting it all along to take it off. Her front teeth had grown back in, though not fully, they were still small, but he did agree to remove it. She practiced speaking with her mouth mostly closed, and to smile with lips only as they packed and moved. She was afraid that her teeth would now be so small as to get her harassed in her new school. She didn't have to worry.
Her new class was in some sort of war when she joined it. All the girls except one wore dresses, and they were spending the time before class began sitting and talking in groups, or standing around, or bouncing, and the boys were doing the same with the other boys, but the one little girl wearing pants sat alone, watching everyone. Eli thought she was trying not to cry. She wanted to cry as well, her mother had dressed her in pants that morning. One of the little girls pulled a skirt out of her backpack and handed it to Eli. She felt the weight of everyone staring at her. She could stay in the pants and join the sitting girl...or she could put on the skirt. She went to the bathroom, and came back out in the skirt. She could not look at the girl who sat alone.
That girl, who was named Andrea, would be a background part of Eli's life for years yet to come, not that she knew it then. Eli was privately relieved when she saw that the girl wasn't teased or bullied, she was just... mostly... ignored. And she seemed to invite her solitude, with the way she acted. Eli generally used hr as a guide for how not to behave. Andrea was loud about her views, and stubbornly sure she was right. It turned out that she was wearing pants to protest how many of her classmates wore skirts, because of how many years women had to fight to be allowed to wear pants. At ten.
Eli, on the other hand, was accepted into the fold. The boys teased her sometimes, but they teased most of the girls, and she and the other girls closed ranks to protect each other. They accepted her in, because she had shown that first day that she was willing to be one of them. She had never been on the inside before, and she loved it. The next year, she had enough of the girls from that class in her next class that they built a new circle of friends easily, and the year after, and after that.
Eileanea learned to be a sheep. She followed the trends that her friends followed. When they all wore green, she wore green even though she thought she looked hideous in green. When they all got into peach nectar, she taught herself to love strong sweet flavors. She hesitated though, when they all cut their hair short. She loved her hair. And they didn't pressure her, and she started to feel like maybe she didn't have to conform as much... until they started hating that their hair was short, and she was the only one in the group not complaining about how horrible and boyish she looked. She realized that they might start to resent her, to hate her, so when she came to school the next day, her hair was short. When they all gasped and asked her what happened, she lied and said that some kid had stuck gum in her hair on the bus. They went from resentful to sympathetic, and in the end, while she hated her short hair as much as they hated theirs, she loved the time with her friends. Still, she quietly grew her hair out again, and took to keeping it tied back so it wouldn't draw too much attention in case the next fad was blue streaks, or curls, or something.
Throughout it all was Andrea, in her classes more often than not. Eli was there when a teacher explained to Andrea that it wasn't the right to wear pants that women fought so hard for, but the right to choose for themselves. With one comment, a year long crusade ended, and with it so did the resistance of all the other girls to wearing pants. Which to Eli's mind was a good thing, since it happened just as winter was making itself felt. Dresses that parents agreed were fit for school were not terribly warm.
But Andrea... she was called in jest a “hippie out of time” and she was in a lot of ways. She protested, and was an activist for any number of causes. While Eli never fell in with Andrea, some of the words the girl said lodged in Eileanea's heart. She saw there was solid reasoning in some of it, even if Andrea did take it way too far. She was right, they should clean up after themselves, and recycling was a good cause. It would be good to spend time teaching kids to read, or donating clothing she didn't wear anymore to goodwill. But if Andrea was not bully bait, she was also not exactly welcomed into the social circles that Eileanea was a part of, and so Eli followed the crowd, and did her best not to stand out, determined never to stand out again.
She did small things though, when she was alone. She got her parents to agree to separate their trash, to use less paper goods, to not run the water as long. She did go through her closet for things that didn't fit, but she always got her mother to take them to a clothing drop, rather than going herself. Some part of her still felt like it wasn't enough, would never be enough. But she was too afraid to ever do more. Adreana had no friends that Eli could see, Eli had been a child with no friends. She never wanted to live that life again.
Then the dreams started. She felt more and more conflicted, and found herself dreaming that she could separate herself in two. One was her as she was, with her friends, hanging at the mall, drinking shakes from Styrofoam cups, and buying skirts that were so short she'd never have the nerve to wear them. The other her, in the dreams, was always an 8 or 9 year old kid with a mouth full of metal who was all alone, who no one liked or wanted to hangout with, but who was getting good grades, and was making things better for people, and was good and kind. Then she'd look in a mirror and she would see that while the child was as she had been, she herself was thin, not skinny but thin, no depth, shallow. And she' usually wake, breathing like she was terrified, and she would be determined to talk to her friends about doing something, anything good, that went beyond themselves. And always once she was with them, she'd loose her nerve. And the dreams only got worse.
Then one morning when her parents were on a business trip – her mom started going with her dad once they decided she was old enough to be more or less on her own – she woke from the dream and saw herself, not her 9 year old self, but her self as she was now, down to the sweat stained nightgown and too short hair plastered to her neck, standing over the bed, staring down at her. And then... it spoke. “Dreams come true, not free,” she heard her own voice say, though she hadn't thought to speak. The clone had. It was a quote from some play or other they had seen in school for a paper.
She stared at the other her, focused on it, and then suddenly her vision doubled. She was in the bed looking up, she was standing up looking down, and in both cases, she was looking at herself. The clone didn't know any more than she did, the only advantage that it had, if it could be called that, is that since she made the clone in her sleep, it had woken up a few moments before her, and had done what she would have done, waking up in a bed with herself, gotten out because the bed was too small, then stare at the other her, wondering what in the world was going on.
She grabbed the clone's hand and suddenly she knew the clone had woken up and rolled out of bed to stare at her. She didn't want to stand out, didn't want this, no... and as she wished that this weird second her would just... just come back into her or go wherever it came from, it... vanished into her. She felt it, felt the confusion that the clone had felt. She got up, tried to calm herself down with her normal routine, she showered, brushed her too short hair, got dressed, had breakfast. Then, since her parents weren’t around to stop her, she called out sick from school, and went back to her room to sit on her bed and think.
She did that sometimes, just sat alone to think, but never when anyone would notice. She was afraid that if she didn't take those moments, that she might loose the ability to think for herself altogether. She knew that being just another – well, clone – of her friends was not the healthiest thing, but... she didn't want to be alone. Never again, she hated being alone for long, hated knowing that she had been left alone. And as she sat there, wishing she had someone she could actually TALK to, herself, without waiting to see their opinion before offering their own back to them as hers, a clone appeared again. It wore not her nightgown, but it was showered and dressed exactly as she was.
So, like so many crazy people... Eli talked to herself, and got answers.
She stayed out the next two days, spending the school hours testing her powers, learning, practicing, and coming to some hard decisions, and her after school hours on the phone with this friend or that, assuring them that she's fine, no she's not actually sick, yes she'd be back in school soon.
When she did go back to school, it was the first real test. She sent the clones out into the world, two of them, each with instructions. She sent them jogging, in opposite directions, to see how far they could go. Her teachers who had suspected she had been ditching went from suspicious to concerned when she couldn't seem to focus at all, and spent time just standing in the hall, staring at nothing. In fact they told her to take the next day, Friday, to finish recovering. She spent the weekend practicing.
She kept her mutant power secret. If all of her friends sprouted odd powers like it was the new fad, she would have told them. They didn't. They did see other kids gain powers, though none from their class, and they talked about “that poor girl,” or “what a shame, he was cute” and she kept her mouth closed about her own mutation, desperately grateful that it didn't show.
She spent the next year learning and practicing. It was easy enough to let her mind drift in class, or hanging out at the food court – times when she just had to focus enough to know when to smile and nod – that she got used to dealing with her clones while she was out in the world.
And finally she saw a way to do what she had wanted... no... what she felt like she should, without ever going against her friends. They all flt that it was pointless, because what could one person do? But she wasn't one person, not any more.
She learned, the hard way, certain limits. One of her clones had come across a burning building, while she was walking down the halls at school. The top floors were on fire, and while she could hear sirens, the firefighters weren't there yet. An older woman outside, coughing, was shouting that her grandson was inside still. She stumbled away from everyone and focused on the clone, taking over its will, sending it up the stairs in the building to find the kid. She found him, hiding in a closet, afraid of the fire, and carried him out. But as soon as he was out, he started screaming for his blanket. She turned and ran in before the firefighters, who had finally arrived, could stop her. The fire had reached the apartment then, and the bell in school rang, an odd dichotomy. She started walking, her real body on autopilot, heading for class without seeing the stairs, the hall, her classmates, while the clone searched for the blanket. A beam fell just as she heard the firefighters shout. The pain felled her, clone and real, and she fell down the stairs that she had not seen as her clone fell to the floor. And she burned. Eli couldn't pull her mind free, and she screamed as she burned.
Eli burned to death. The story would be in the papers later, an idiot girl playing hero who went in to save some kid's blanket and burned up so badly that they couldn't identify the body. Two firefighters were hurt trying to save her. There was another, smaller story, later when the corpse vanished. Luckily or unluckily, when the beam fell and Eli tumbled down the steps at school, she broke her leg. Her screaming wasn't as out of nowhere, given that, and when she was still screaming at the hospital, they sedated her.
She awoke, at home, shocked to find that her skin wasn't burned, and that her leg was the only part of her injured. She still felt raw, felt the tongues of flame. When her parents were asleep, she focused on each of her remaining clones in turn, and had them come back to her, quietly. She discovered that none of them had broken legs. When she tried to touch the one that died, the pain threatened to swamp her. She severed the tie, and didn't know until she saw the story in the news, that the clone had just... vanished. She had three clones left. She took their information, but did not unmake them just then. She tried making another. It came into being with a broken leg. She vanished it immediately. She sent her clones out again, each with new orders.
She was home bound for a week after, on pain meds. The weird thing was, she almost didn't need them. Throwing herself into the minds of her clones left her so little focus for her body that with the drugs she felt no pain, she would have felt little if any, she was sure, even without them, so long as she was left alone to focus on her clones. The odd thing was, focusing on them... she no longer felt quite so alone...
This was when she found the mugging, and stopped it. She was scared, because she now knew, unequivocally that dying HURT. But the point was to help, why else would she have become a mutant? As if somehow, there was someone out there, god...or whatever, that saw that she wanted to help and so granted her these powers. So she stepped in to help. There was someone who had been stabbed, someone who had done the stabbing. When she interfered, the mugger fled. She hesitated, torn. But what good would chasing him do? She was unarmed, untrained... she turned instead and helped the victim to the hospital.
The person she helped survived. She felt... wonderful. And she remembered that while going back for the blankie had been stupid, she HAD saved the kid. She decided then an there that as much good as she did having a clone collect bottles on the beach for recycling, and having another make baby hats for newborns, she could do even more good as an actual hero. She had heard of the X-men, of course. Who hadn't? She wouldn't ever be one of them, she was sure, because her friends didn't hang out with them, and they seemed a bit scary on the news, but that didn't mean she couldn't do what they were doing – using her mutant gifts to help people. So she started training. With a broken leg, though, what she trained was a clone.
Her parents went out for the evening, days after the mugging. As far as they knew, the only big thing in her life was the cast on her leg, signed by all her friends. There was a movie on TV, and Julie had a hot date, so would be calling her when she got home, sos he wanted to be by the phone for that. Her parents accepted that, and left. She focused on the clone that was training at a gym. She didn't hear the door sliding open, or the furtive steps across the kitchen floor. The next thing she knew was pain. She fell off of the wall, hard. She was disoriented and had no clue what was going on. She was being seen to by a doctor, who wrapped her leg in bandages and urged her to go to a hospital. She refused. Her mind was fuzzy, and she had no clue why they were fussing about her leg, when it felt like she must have hit her head.
When she finally won free and made her way home, limping on a leg that did hurt after all, she found the crime scene, the mugger long gone. Thinking her dead he had fled for the border. Eli stared at the dead body on the sofa, and wondered why in the world she had left a clone home to watch TV. Then she saw the cast, and figured that she must have thought that if she had taken the clone into herself that her leg would have broken. Maybe? It made enough sense that she touched the corpse and frowned when it didn't vanish. Confused, she realized she had to do something, maybe it was just too soon to vanish it. So she limped outside and buried her own body, thinking it a clone that would vanish sometime in the next few days. She had taken off the cast first, feeling like it was important, but wasn't sure why, but it broke. When her parents came home, she was trying to figure out how to put it back together, the clone forgotten, and her mind foggy. They asked her how the cast had broken, and she couldn't remember, she was still foggy. They blamed the medications and took her off the painkillers, they also took her to the hospital to see to her leg. The doctor was mystified, there was still damage, but he would have sworn that leg had never broken... she just had a bone bruise and a sprain. He sent her home with a special shoe and a prescription for lower level pain meds.
She continued to learn how to use her powers, and when she discovered she could make small changes to herself as well as to the clones, she was both overjoyed and afraid. Overjoyed because it was fun, even if it amounted to a cantrip, an afraid because... what would happen next?
But she didn't develop blue fur or a tail... she just learned to use her powers to better effect, and how to balance her focus, and her life. And she grew up. Her social group was the center of one of her lives but... she also had a clone that stayed holed up and studied. She had one that wore a mask and played superhero. And she had one that walked the beach to clean it up, when she could spare the energy. She was always tired, but her friends thought that was just part of who she was these days, and she ate a lot. Maintaining the clones burned energy, and while the clones had to eat, she had to eat and sleep more. But it happened so subtly, that no one much noticed, just as they didn't notice that she spent more time in her own company, though she would never turn down her friends.
And the college applications came around and horror filled her as she listened to her friends. No two of them were going to the same school. She could split herself, and go with two of them, maybe three, she had no clue what her range was, she never tried beyond a single state, because she didn't trust a clone to drive, even once she had her license. But she had more than three friends. How could she choose who to be with and who to abandon?
Then one day it came to her, she wouldn't abandon any of them. She'd give them the same choice they gave her, and if they all went their own ways, then they'd still be friends, they'd stay in contact on the phone, visit each other... but if she chose one over the others, the others would all be too hurt. So she picked three schools that none of them had chosen, that she would be fine attending. The plan was that if any of them chose a school she picked, she'd go there, if none did, she'd lie and say she picked one...and apply to the Xavier academy. If she had to make new friends anyway, why not pick a place where she was already fast tracked to have friends? Where her powers wouldn't be hidden, but would be the dress she wore that marked her as an okay person to hang out with. None of her friends chose her over the others, and so they parted ways. She faked up letters enough to convince her parents and then headed off. Who knew, maybe she'd be an X-men. She doubted it, but... she could have friends, and do good. Openly. Well, so long as she kept her face out of the news. She wondered if anyone there knew how to sew GOOD hero quality masks...


NETWORK SAMPLE: You may link from an outside source, either our Test Drive or other places, but they MUST be set in the game. An acceptable linked sample for this prompt must be have at least seven comments from YOUR character in the linked thread.
This is basically to show off character voice in the form of a network post. It can be text, vocal, or video. We want at least some dialog, though in cases of less talkative characters, we are willing to accept character 'voice' in more subtle ways. Make it work!

LOG SAMPLE: You may link from an outside source, either our Test Drive or other places, but they MUST be set in the game. An acceptable linked sample for this prompt must be have at least seven comments from YOUR character in the linked thread.
This is an example of your ability to write the character's introspection. Their thoughts, feelings, and reactions to a given situation. Get inside their head. Remember to show, not tell. These are off network, what would normally go in the log community. You do not necessarily need to write this prose style, and can do a bracket style if you choose. But we still need to see a healthy amount of introspection.


Introspective Log 1 -


Mid June – Eli knew that they'd all be going to different schools. She knew college would scatter the group that she had come to love to the four winds. She knew she would hear little from her friends as everyone settled in, but she didn't expect the separation to start with the graduation. She thought they;d have the summer... Then whenever she called anyone, she got a variant on “I thought I told you, I'm going away” or “I'm getting moved in early, since I have an apartment...”. Graduation day, she had been in the center of the group, talking, laughing, crying. And now, not 12 hours after they all left the graduation party, she was alone, perhaps forever.


She had considered using her powers to not choose any of them, but rather to choose them all, but there were too many different schools, she didn't know her range, and she would have had to admit that she was a mutant. A freak. So she sat, home alone, on the first day of Summer vacation.


Her parents had offered to come back from their business trip to help her move in, come August. She told them no, after all, they thought she was actually attending Hofstra...


Her cellphone rang. Eagerly, she grabbed it and checked the caller ID. Andrea. She frowned, staring at it. Just how desperate was she....?



Introspective log 2 -

Late June -

The loneliness wore at Eli. She had been using her power to do good around town, but it felt pointless. Her friends weren't around, she could actually go and pick up trash at the beach herself. But somehow, maybe because she didn't have to sneak around, it felt wrong and weird. And she didn't go.


She would have studied, but she was going to a school for mutants, what in the world could she study? She had no clue what they'd teach, but somehow she doubted it would be comp-lit and math. So she sat, home, alone, bored. She texted her friends. Sometimes they responded. Mostly they didn't. Andrea texted her. Mostly she didn't reply. She didn't know why Andrea kept trying to get a hold of her, but she wasn't desperate enough to spend time with her. Who knew what she thought was fun? A protest rally? A march? Making a fool of herself demanding change, certainly. It wasn't that she disagreed with everything Andrea argued for, but the way she went about it.... No. Eli was not desperate enough to spend a day with Andrea. God willing, she never would be.


Introspective log 3 -

Early July – Eli had started to watch a lot of television. Her bags were packed already, had been packed for more than a week, and had been repacked three times in as many days. She was bored. At first she watched the news. She was going to a mutant school, she should know what was going on with mutants in the world, right? But she didn't keep that up long. It was too depressing, the things she could fix but didn't, the things she couldn't fix. So she started watching old sitcoms. Andrea kept texting. Watching a different world, Eli decided that Andrea reminded her a lot of Freddy Brooks. From a Different World. She watched it after finishing The Cosby Show. The original. God, she needed a life.


Her phone rang again. Andrea. She let it go to voicemail, wondering why it was she had to spend this summer so blasted lonely.


Introspective log 4 -

Mid July – The gym was an interesting place. She had a vague feeling of unease when she looked at the climbing wall, but couldn't put her finger on why. Sitting at home watching TV had done her figure no favors, and she wanted to be in shape before she met her new classmates. She refused to be the fat kid. Besides, going to the gym gave her something to do, and she still had work out clothes from the group's step aerobics fad in 8th grade. She thought some of the guys there were pretty cute... until one started hitting on her and she got a whiff of him. There was nothing attractive about that level of body oder, and she was terrified to know how she smelled, herself.


One of the days she was there, Andrea was outside, protesting – alone. She was screaming about how the gym used oils made out of some endangered animal or ever. Eli returned the oil she had bought, and didn't buy anymore, but Andrea couldn't honestly expect her to boycott the gym, not when it was the first thing she did all summer that didn't leave her feeling lonely and dissatisfied. She couldn't give it up. Couldn't. She missed having her friends around her.



Introspective log 5 -

Late July – Eli had started sending her clones out to do good again, it gave her mind something to focus on while she worked on the treadmill. She was still desperately lonely, and missed her friends, but it felt good to be doing something again. She recalled a line from a poem she'd been forced to memorize for English class, “Ennui is the boredom we see” she thought she understood it, now. There was nothing to see but boredom. And Andrea, who was still picketing the gym. It was a pain having to slip in and out through the back. She hoped Andrea found a new cause soon.



Introspective log 6 -

Finally.... Finally she could leave! She loaded everything into the old van her parents had left for her to use. It might have been a sweet gesture, if she hadn't known that they wanted the excuse to buy a new, sleek car, now that they no longer had a daughter and her giggling gaggle to cart around. She loaded the car, checked her bank account, and hit the road. Money would be tight, she knew. The extra gas and tolls on the van were the least of it. She had to pay tuition on the school her parents thought she was going to, and on the school she was actually going to. That she was only taking 2 classes at Hofstra, just enough to be “part time” helped, however the clone she was going to leave there still needed a place to sleep, and the dorm fees didn't change because she was taking fewer classes.


It occurred to her as she drove, that she might be the least mutant like in the one place where it was perfectly okay to be a mutant. After all, she would have a clone at Hofstra, attending classes on auto, and sending along her mail. She had never tried to have a clone so far off, and she didn't know how much of a strain it would place on her, if she could even do it. If she couldn't... she was in deep trouble. She had to hope for the best. But the realistic best included tuition for two schools, dorm fees, food... if she spun a second clone to hold down a job... would she be able to have any others and still have a shot at passing any classes? She hoped something would just... work out... but she was practical. Well, she always COULD go to Hofstra, she supposed.


But the Xavier Institute, that was where people like her were meant to be, right? That was where she belonged, wasn't it? Of course, she hadn't actually applied, she couldn't risk her parents getting mail, after all, on the off chance they ever came home. But... she was a mutant... and arguably one of the good guys, or at least, not a bad guy, so... they had to accept her, right?


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